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Hopewell Foundation, is founded by three engineers in Silicon Valley, California: Ben Mathew, Mathew M. Joseph and Philip Alex. We have a common desire to assist the needy from where we originated, Kerala, India. Although Kerala has the reputation of being a highly literate state, there are extremely poor regions of the state where students cannot even afford school supplies. Majority of children go through the public school system and ends up as dropouts by 10th grade and face a grim future.

Furthermore, Kerala has the highest depression-related suicide rate in India. The stigma associated with mental illness is so severe that a mental patient is destined to die as a mental patient. In Kerala, it is almost impossible for such a person to lead a meaningful life or find a job.

We decided to start Hopewell in order to meet these needs and to bring hope and cheer into their lives. Our vision is to create educational opportunities for underprivileged and meritorious students and to address the mental health needs. Our organization is currently 100% operated by volunteers, so 100% of your donations go towards achieving our vision.

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