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1. How does Hopewell select schools and students?
Schools are chosen from an economically disadvantaged region - a village or town or outskirts of a city. It may be a government school or a corporate school that caters to the general public.We plan to select schools so as to represent all the districts in Kerala. Regarding the selection of deserving students Hopewell has setup general guidelines, which the Kerala Chapter of Hopewell is to implement. The guidelines are as below.
(a) Awarded on completion of grades 1 through 12
(b) Recipient is in the top 10% of the class
(c) Recipient has not received any other scholarships
(d) Recipient is economically disadvantaged
(e) Class teacher will certify all three above
(f) Students must apply for the scholarships
The Hopewell (Kerala) board will determine who receives scholarships based on need and merit.

2. How does Hopewell ensure the funds are used for their intended purpose?
Hopewell will use the stipend towards school supplies, uniforms and books instead of distributing cash. Hopewell will make these awards at an annual function in the school and photograph the event. Further, the volunteers of Hopewell will get in contact with the school and the students based on the volunteer turnout.

3. What portion of the donations will reach the actual needy?
We plan that this number will be approximately 90%. The remainder of donations will be used to rent or buy an office in Kerala and to establish a mental health hotline.

4. Can I make a donation to a specific school in Kerala?
Yes, you can. Hopewell will make all effort to contact this school and administer the funds to deserving students in this school. To implement this seamlessly, we need to have proper contact phone numbers and Hopewell will need to research the background of the school. Therefore, we do not guarantee the funds will be administered immediately.

5. What is the stipend amount?
This is yet to be decided. We hope to provide Rs 500 to Rs 2000 based on the grade the student is in and also based on the availability of funds.


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