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The first phase of our efforts will focus on the educational needs of the children in Kerala. Our volunteers will identify students in grades 1 through 12 who are meritorious and economically disadvantaged. We will then use donations to provide education items such as school supplies, uniforms, textbooks and literature.

As discussed in About Us, Kerala leads India in depression related suicides. Herein lies the second phase of Hopewell's efforts. We will begin by translating mental health books into Malayalam, the regional language of Kerala, and distribute them free of charge. We need to break down the barriers surrounding the stigma of a mental health patient, so they have the opportunity to receive proper health care and live with dignity. It is important to educate the communities in order to achieve this.

In the future, Hopewell will introduce a 24-hour mental health hotline. These hotlines will give referrals and counseling for both the patient and close relatives. We will expand into providing scholarships to the underprivileged and provide additional support to the mentally ill.

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